Weaver Hawkins

A Country Road, Bayview, 1952

Adam Cullen

Surfer Joe was Light Horse, 2005

Peter Godwin

The Duck Salon/A Memory, 2004

Noel McKenna

5 Birds, 2003

Roy Jackson

Gulgan Flats, 2002

Guan Wei

Gazing into Deep Space No.8 (1-3), 2001

Lucy Culliton

Still Life/ White Ground, 2000

Tim Johnson

Maitreya, 1999

Judith White

Cultivation (Series) Floodplain, 1998

Francis Giacco

Polyptich, 1997

Elisabeth Cummings

The Music Room, 1996

Diana Portingale

Marmalade and Tea, 1995

Jenny Sages

3am, 1994