Francis Giacco

Polyptich, 1997

Tom Carment

Ships at Sea (W.A.), 2005

Adam Cullen

Surfer Joe was Light Horse, 2005

Peter Godwin

The Duck Salon/A Memory, 2004

Noel McKenna

5 Birds, 2003

Roy Jackson

Gulgan Flats, 2002

Guan Wei

Gazing into Deep Space No.8 (1-3), 2001

Lucy Culliton

Still Life/ White Ground, 2000

Tim Johnson

Maitreya, 1999

Judith White

Cultivation (Series) Floodplain, 1998

Francis Giacco

Polyptich, 1997

Elisabeth Cummings

The Music Room, 1996

Diana Portingale

Marmalade and Tea, 1995