James Powditch

Butterfly Effects, 2007

Jenny Sages

3am, 1994

Nicholas Harding

Newtown Station, 1993

Kilmeny Niland

Vita with Violet, 1992

Bob Marchant

The Young Don Bradman, 1992

Anthony Galbraith

Untitled 56, 1991

Rodney Milgate

Landscape with Figures, 1991

John Bartley

Bull Ants, Blowflies and Burnt Chops, 1990

Greg Hansell

Miss Traill's Garden, Bathurst, 1990

Cressida Campbell

Studio, 1989

Tom Carment

Back Steps, Saint Martins, 1988

Enid Ratnam-Keese

Every Memory a Mask, 1988

Freda Surgenor

The Games we Play, 1988