Earle Backen

Dust Storm, 1965

Hadyn Wilson

The Departure of Mary Bryant, 1988

Margaret McGarva

Jura from Craigish Argyll, 1988

John McConnochie

Sacred Site II, 1986

John McConnochie

Cicada Song, 1986

John Caldwell

Central Tablelands, 1986

Jacki Fewtrell

Urban Necessity, 1985

Geoff Levitus

Out of Place, 1985

Michael Farrell

L. Alcool de Serpent Casse, 1985

Frederick Cress

Whisperings No. 18, 1985

Susan Sheridan

Coastline, 1984

Peter Hickey

Frazzled Emu, 1984

Greg Hansell

Tin Shadows No. 11, 1984