Greg Hansell

Miss Traill's Garden, Bathurst, 1990

Natasha Walsh

The cicada, 2018


Some kind of record, 2016

Michael Zavros

Flora, 2016

Alan Jones

Painting 131 (North Coogee), 2015

Michael Muir

Past the Stacks, 2014

Rachel Ellis

Bathurst Landscape - William Street, 2013

David Fairbairn

Seated Figure JB with Orange Ground, 2012

Kerrie Lester

Out on a Limb, 2011

Craig Waddell

I Remember You As You Were My Beauty, 2010

Alexander Lavroff

Amish Bucket with Capsicums in Colander, 2009

Jasper Knight

Wharf with Yellow Palings, 2008

James Powditch

Butterfly Effects, 2007