Every Time I Leave the Room is a scalable, immersive installation that uses gestural movements to move in and around a cinematic spatiality inspired by Deleuze’s concepts of the relative and absolute ‘out-of-field’. Words and actions are repeated and echoed across a number of scenarios situated in a series of hotel rooms. In one room an aging stuntman contemplates his own aging and mortality. In adjacent rooms, a businessman arrives with a mysterious briefcase, young lovers meet, a wife waits for her lover… but in a number of these rooms there’s something… missing. Every Time re-imagines cinema and theatrical temporality and spatiality, in both comedic and at times, poignant ways.

The Girl: ‘I hope you make it. People disappear every day.’
David Locke: ‘Every time they leave the room.’
(from Antonioni’s The Passenger)

The Cube
The Cube is a contemporary exhibition space featuring installation and new media works

Saturday 18 October - Sunday 1 February