The opening night of the Sydney Sacred Music Festival journeys from ancient to contemporary, combining an esteemed Aboriginal elder; Aboriginal jazz, blues and hip hop; a youth choir; sacred readings and a specialist classical ensemble.  A unique mix of the sacred and secular, enlightening and upbeat, and family fun.

Openings include performances by Uncle Max 'Dulamunmun' Harrison, the Stiff Gins, The Symphony for Life Kids Orchestra, the Baha'i Choir and Octavia Ensemble.

Sydney Sacred Music Festival
As the world looks to divide, the Sydney Sacred Music Festival, 1 – 16 September, comes together to celebrate the diversity of our communities and the inclusiveness of the sacred. Now in its eighth year, the festival continues to create new work, uncover the hidden treasures in our diverse communities, and create unique events.

For more information about this event and the Festival visit the Sydney Sacred Music Festival website.


Image: Stiff Gins. Courtesy Sydney Sacred Music Festival

Saturday 1 September 7:00 pm

Grand Hall, Ground Floor, Mosman Art Gallery