As prisms reflect original light and echoes reverberate original sound, the artists represented in PRISMS have created works in relation to aesthetics honed by Ernest Edmonds. Whether working closely with Edmonds in a studio or research space, in a partnership or collaboration, his style can be seen like a trace, like an extension of the unseen; something experienced after the fact, reflected on and extended from the original, something akin to influence.


In PRISMS, invited artists have been asked to select works; either made when in close contact with Edmonds, or at a later stage in their process. Sources of influence could be social, material, or medium-based and connections can be made across light, sound, and networks. These artists were selected with Edmonds to demonstrate a cohort of practice that spans 6 decades (1969- present), bringing together artists from Australia and the UK. Paintings, digital and responsive works, and documented performances trace a shift in materiality as the traditional observer becomes an intrigued participant.


Curated by Deborah Turnbull-Tillman



image: Esther Rolinson, Revolve, 2017-2020, Galvanised steel mesh and bespoke programmed lighting system. image courtesy the artist. (c) the artist. 

Thursday 5 January - Sunday 5 March