Toshiko Oiyama uses her artmaking practice to ask questions about the world around us. Through her new series entitled Afloat, Toshiko tries to understand the ways that we exist in a world that is both constantly in flux, and governed by the unbreakable rules of physics, which are unchangeable. She explores this paradox through the contrasting elements in her work – the free-flowing ink drawings that sit against the rigid pinholes that puncture the delicate paper with taut thread.

As Toshiko says: “We float in time and space. Things change, yet they remain the same. Scientists are searching for the Theory of Everything that creates and rules the universe. It is a comfort to know intuitively that there is such a law, even as we come out of and go back to nothingness.”

Saturday 2 July - Sunday 4 September

inProfile, Ground Floor, Mosman Art Gallery