The exhibition, Sediment, features newly commissioned works by Sydney-based artist Yasmin Smith. Her artworks are a visual manifestation of the combined environmental and human history of a particular site. Made through the collection of organic materials from the headland angophora (eucalypt) forests of Mosman's Booragy (Bradley's Head), Angophora is made by casting fallen angophora branches in ceramic, with the ashes of burnt branches forming the glaze, the colour of which is determined by the chemical composition of the fallen tree. 

Also featuring a new artwork that focuses on the sea kelp of Mosman's harbour bays, Yasmin's exhibition tells the stories of Mosman's landscape, looking at the shoreline habitats and the nutrient cycles between marine and terrestrial plants within these zones, and how people intertwine and contribute to the ecological narratives of these spaces. 


Supported by Andrew Cameron AM and Cathy Cameron,
Lisa Paulsen, Andrew and Philomena Spearritt



image: Booragy (Bradley's Head) Angophora Forest, 2022. Image courtesy and © Elise Fredericksen. 

Saturday 17 June - Sunday 10 September

Gallery 1, Level 1, Mosman Art Gallery