Sydney Long

Clifton Gardens, 1905


The Mosman Art Collection is a long-held point of pride within the Mosman community. Mosman’s unique location surrounded by stunning harbour foreshores and beautiful bushland has inspired generations of artists since the late 19th century. Tom Roberts and Arthur Streeton were among a large number of artists who painted in the area from the artists' camps at Mosman Bay, Little Sirius Cove and Balmoral. They established an artistic tradition in Mosman which has been upheld by scores of artists, writers, and poets ever since. 

The Mosman Art Collection is an historically important and unique collection of paintings and works on paper which have been collected since Mosman Municipal Council’s commencement in 1897. The collection’s primary focus is Australian painting, and the core of the collection has been formed through the annual, acquisitive Mosman Art Prize, first established in 1947 by the artist, architect and arts advocate, Alderman, Allan Gamble. 

Over time the Mosman Art Prize has developed to become Australia’s most prestigious municipally funded art prize with a national profile. It regularly attracts over 800 entries annually and currently offers over $40,000 in prizes.  The resulting collection of modern and contemporary paintings reflects developments in Australian art practices since 1947.

The Mosman Art Collection also includes many significant works by Australian artists which have been acquired through several generous donations.  In 1945 Alderman Keith Cowlishaw made a donation of 15 works from his personal collection of Australian Colonial and early twentieth century paintings including artworks by Conrad Martens, William Henry Raworth, William Whitney, Wiliam  Lister Lister, James Howe Carse, and Valentine Delaware among others. 

In 2011 the Australian Philanthropist Neil Balnaves made a major donation of Australian impressionist and modernist artworks to the Mosman Art Gallery. This significant collection of historical paintings The Balnaves Gift, focuses on Mosman's strong artistic heritage including works by iconic Australian artists such as Arthur Streeton, Conrad Martens, Henry Fullwood, Elioth Gruner, Sydney Long, Margaret Preston, Ethel Carrick Fox and many more. 

Here is a preview of The Balnaves Gift for you to enjoy. More Mosman Art Collection images coming soon. 

E. Colin Williams

Landslide, 1964

Eva Kubbos

Autumn Games, 1964

Henry Salkauskas

Landscape, 1963

David Rose

Sisyphus, 1963

Charles Reddington

Wonders and Workings of a New Place, 1963

Peter Laverty

Evening Landscape with Water, 1962

Uldis Abolins

City in Ruins, 1962

James Granger Phillips

Blue's Point, 1962

Nancy Borlase

Drift, 1961

Peter Laverty

Forgotten Landscape, Hill End, 1961

Charles (Strom) Gould

The Pub Counter, 1961

Martins Gauja

Prisoner, 1960

Margo Lewers

Composition In Blue, 1960

Weaver Hawkins

The Forwards, 1960

Leonas Urbonas

Mother, 1959

Margo Lewers

Abstraction, 1959

Louis Kahan

Rain, Boulevarde St. Denis, 1959

Weaver Hawkins

Learning Language, 1958

Roy Fluke

Steel Plant, 1958

Thomas Gleghorn

Fragment of the Crucifixion, 1958

Ursula Laverty

Horse with Anatomy, 1957

Elwyn Lynn

Spring Still Life, 1957

Frederic Bates

Night Trains, 1957

Maximillian Feuerring

Odalisque, 1956

Theodore De Roty Fodone

Afternoon Expressions, Kings Cross, 1956

Frank Hinder

Monkies, 1956

Hayward Veal

Noon, Montmartre, Paris, 1955

Ronald Fletcher

No Thoroughfare, 1955

Roy Fluke

Bridge Construction, 1954

Enid Cambridge

Bush Creek, 1954