"I made big new paintings with Shan. I worked on the floor, with my shoes off, and used long brushes. I painted love hearts and flowers, I painted them because I love them, they make me happy. I also painted Tinkerbell, because I love fairies. I felt happy making these artworks.

I love my artworks and I think it will make people feel happy. I hope people will love it.  Please have fun looking at my artworks." – Catherine McGuiness

Catherines is enthusiastic and caring and her magical energy is infectious to anyone who meets her, especially those on a dance floor. I say this because it's clear to see these same attributes infuse her art practice. There is an unselfconscious power to her work that reflect these personality traits. Her creative force is not bound by the edges of the canvas but leaps off into the world, like a person who fearlessly jumps first into the pool. You can imagine exactly what she looks like when she is painting. Her body's movements and gestures caught in time, mimicked in the robust marks of the paintings. They are generous, certain, and playful. - Shan Turner-Carroll

Catherine McGuiness works out of Studio A, a leading Australian supported studio for professional artists with intellectual disability.


image: Catherine McGuiness, Night Blossom, 2024, installation view, Mosman Art Gallery, image courtesy the artist and Studio A, Sydney and © the artist. Photograph: Jacquie Manning. 


Saturday 18 May - Sunday 28 July

Gallery 1, Level 1, Mosman Art Gallery