Originally from New Zealand, of Samoan and European heritage, Stevie Fieldsend lives and works in Sydney. 
Stevie Fieldsend’s work seeks to detail an emotional state – more a feeling or a bodily sensation. Her practice spans sculpture, wall works and installation using materials such as glass, steel, textiles, stocking and charred wood.

Central to her work is the body, personal relationships, the impact of trauma and a sense of movement of oozing, falling, coming to, going somewhere, a maturation in flux, the fissures between internal and external, a gravitational plummet and of exceeding boundaries – a transgression. 

Known for creating artworks soaked in vulnerability and underscored by a raw and primal energy. All her work comes from a deeply personal place. Her latest series of works She Didn’t Lick it off a Stone celebrate the magic and the mystery of matriarchies; of the angst, trauma, triumphs and magnificence of giving life. Exploring motherhood, menses and the mysterious life-giving forces of the cosmos, the artist’s latest sculptures harness glass, metal and fabric to create a deeply felt, acutely personal and yet universal paean to the privilege, passage and enduring power of womanhood.



The Cube is a contemporary exhibition space featuring experimental and media work.


Image: Stevie Fieldsend, I do, I undo, I redo, stockings, hand blown glass, thread, mylar and reflective tarkett. Installation view, 2022. Image courtesy the artist © the artist. Photograph: Jacquie Manning

Tuesday 12 July - Sunday 2 October

The Cube, Level 1, Mosman Art Gallery