Hilda Rix Nicholas was an Australian painter of great ambition who established her career in the early decades of the 20th century both internationally and in Australia. Classically trained in the studios of Paris she became part of the artist colony in Etaples. Along with Ethel Carrick Fox, Rix Nicholas was one of the first women to practise her art openly in the streets of Tangier in Morocco and successfully exhibited her work at the prestigious Paris Salon and the Societe de Peintres Orientalistes Francais .

On her return to Australia after the Great War she worked from her studio in Mosman for four years. Rix Nicholas was feted as an international artist and her paintings in and around Sydney reflected her cosmopolitan training including her exposure to the Post Impressionists. This exhibition features important paintings from her time in France, Tangier and Sydney which have not been exhibited together since Hilda Rix Nicholas’s solo exhibitions in the 1920s.

Une Australienne video now available

Thanks to the generous work of Andrew Brettell from Museums & Galleries of NSW there is now a short video for Une Australienne: Hilda Rix Nicholas in Paris, Tangier and Sydney which reveals the exhibition highlights. This video will be distributed through MGNSW’s M&Gazine and is now available to view.

Courtesy of Museums & Galleries of NSW

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